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Purchase the Lustre Collective Club Card online now for only $20 and connect with total wellbeing providers throughout New Zealand. Lustre launched in Nelson in June 2016 and already has over 75 businesses involved - from fashion stores to health practitioners, from health products to cafes. We are growing steadily and will soon be in other cities, giving you more options to use your Lustre Collective Club Card. Keep checking our website regularly for updated offers and new Lustre Partners.

NOTE: Lustre Club Cards can take up to 2 weeks to be posted, if you would prefer yours to be via courier there is an additional fee, please see form for details. 

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How Lustre Collective Club Cards can help with your next fundraiser

Are you involved in raising money for a charity, school or sports team fundraiser? Sick of selling chocolate, buying most of it yourself and over indulging?

Lustre Collective believes in the wellbeing of everyone and by giving back to the community that supports it, so developing closer bonds with our community and creating a happier/healthier society.

Enquire below for your 20, 50, 100 or 200 pack of cards and an information pack. $5 from every $20 Lustre Collective Club Card sold goes straight back to your fundraising group. All the information about the Lustre Collective is in the information pack provided. 

Do you own a retail shop or have an office reception area and wish to help raise funds for a charity of your choice? Apply below for an application form.