Help raise the vibe with your spiritual gifts.



“Whooah there is a lot to learn!
I am answering the call to be of service through your journey to embody more of the spiritual you.

I wish to do this in a healthy, grounded, supportive, safe environment online with rad other lightworkers. Every one of you has some tremendous gifts that I would like to help you develop so you can live a “spiritual” life, because geez life can be unreal as a sensitive soul.

You’re welcome to join this online group for free and surround yourself with authentic people on the journey and discuss topics around self-development lead by me”. - Justine Jamieson



Delve deeper into who you are and find your unique gifts.

Spiritual coach Justine Jamieson works with clients to safely fast-track spiritual ascension, to reveal your more aligned true self. She especially loves to work with those that have the conscious entrepreneurial urge to create good in the world. She has worked with many clients that have had no clear vision and very little passion to create. She has helped them create substantial change towards living a more joyful existence. Every week you will be taught the skills for healing yourself and finding your own answers within, helping you move on with joy in your heart and flowing through a forever changing life. In these courses there will be activating meditations, healing, intuitive connections, energy awareness and life support, they will be a place where you can talk to like minded souls where everything is weird and wonderful.

Next 6 week Course Starts 15 April 2019 (MORE INFORMATION LIVE 15 MARCH)



Intuitive coaching and healing

Justine works in and out of this world to help clients gain clarity, creative ideas and clear direction going forward. In her healing work Justine has been described as “a compass for hearts”. In the business world she's had many years of experience in marketing, media, advertising, business management, merchandising, styling, design and event management. She is a spiritual teacher and healer trained in many healing and meditation techniques and has a natural gift at cutting through fear to reveal the truth. She is very compassionate and nonjudgmental but is also very direct and honest in her sessions. Change is a certainty after her sessions.


" Justine is an incredibly powerful identity coach and divine channeler. I have done both group meditations and one-on-one coaching with Justine and can say that both have been nothing short of life-changing for me.

As part of our one-on-one coaching, Justine has helped me experience profound and RAPID transformation in both my health and my career. She has helped me dig deep into my life and figure out what is working and what isn't. Justine has helped me re-write old patterns and develop better habits. And that's just over the course of a couple of sessions.

Justine has a unique ability to truly see the real you (the best version of you) and help you become that person. She helps you unlock your purpose (the reason why you're on this earth) and guides you towards living that purpose. Her intuition and ability to tap into Divine are unlike anything I have experienced. Prepare to be blown away.

Her group meditation sessions are great too. Each focusing on a particular theme, e.g. clarity, creativity, resilience, they truly make you feel more empowered, energized and more at ease.

I think absolutely anyone and everyone would benefit from working with Justine. 
If you are at a crossroads in your life, if you don't know what your purpose is, if you are having a problem in your relationship, whatever it is, judging from my own experience, I know that Justine can help you shift it."


(Justine chooses to leave all names off testimonials for absolute privacy with all clients)

What to expect in a typical session with Justine

“We sit. Connect in. I then listen as my client speaks, I listen with my heart. I feel the vibrations on the words people say clearing anything energetically that’s holding them back. I’m then guided to do any of the processes that I’ve learnt through my teachings with my many teachers on earth or through the teachings I’m guided to do from my masters in different dimensions. I then start asking questions or offering creative suggestions. I have a gift in feeling into the upper heart, I listen to the words people are saying and if this isn’t in alignment of their truth I just hit them up about it. Each session could be made up of talking and/or channeled meditation journey work back in time to past lives, or inner child work or we could go forward in time or even to other worlds to find the gifts we need to activate or the fears we need to release. My aim is rapid change, rapid realignment to the souls journey and then we get to work on the creative plan and structure. I help people reconnect with themselves and start to communicate with confidence at the same time connect lightworkers to remembering their own gifts. One session is life-changing a series of six sessions I would expect you to know everything you need to know to do your own soul journey work and be well on your way with plans and actions in place to living with purpose.”.

Justine’s spiritual experience:

Justine has devoted the last 6 years training heavily in self development, she has trained with many world renowned spiritual teachers and attended many courses to the point she now lives in the flow of life, trusts fully in her connection and holds a disciplined practice. The mediums she has trained in are: Trance voice channeling. Psychic surgery, Pastlife regression, Clairvoyant mediumship, Angelic Reiki, Shamanic journeying, Bars therapy, Inner child work, Shadow work, Higher self connections, Light language, Intuition, Qigong, Manifesting, Kundalini Meditation, Tantric Meditation.


$300 - 2 hrs

6 sessions $1300

PAYMENT * For all clarity sessions and courses payment is required before session takes place, unless discussed prior.