Fri 24  - Sun 26 March Pohara - Golden Bay

Kiyiya -The howling wolf knows its purpose it’s in touch with it’s instincts and howls the truth from the highest mountain tops.

It’s your time to do the same. Are you wanting some clarification on what your purpose is? Who are you really when stripped down to your very soul. That soul that understands you have layers of stress, hurt, judgement and expectations that are ready to be released?

Kiyiya retreat is about finding your truth. Our expert teachers and healers will give you the skills on how to trust, respect and care for yourself. You will move forward with clarity and understanding in the direction that is truly right for you.

Set on the beach in Pohara, Golden Bay our luxury healing house will mean you are comfortably secluded from a rushing world around, while you relax and be treated to life changing healings, workshops, personal challenges, gentle yoga practises and stillness. Our gourmet chef Benoit will treat you to healthy culinary creations that will feed your creativity, while you work out your first steps in the right direction.

When booking this retreat you will also be given a mind, body, soul cleanse to start prior to the Kiyiya retreat for free and transport to and from Nelson. 

It’s your time, life’s too short to feel dull



Room 1 - King size with ensuite  includes bath, sea views and entrance walk to spa pool  TOTAL RETREAT for 1 $1600 (BOOKED)

Room 2 - King size with ensuite  includes bath and entrance to outside patio TOTAL RETREAT for 1 cost $1500, for couple  cost $2000. (BOOKED)

Room 3 - Queen size shared bathroom  TOTAL RETREAT for 1 cost $1200 for couple  cost $1800. (BOOKED)

Room 4 - Single beds (x2) in queen size room with shared bathroom TOTAL RETREAT cost $950 each (BOOKED)

Room 5 - Bunk room (x4 beds) TOTAL RETREAT cost $400pp (BOOKED)



You're held in healing hands at Kiyiya Retreat with years of experienced healers and teachers holding the space for you to be supported as you grow. Dawn is our retreat guide, she's one clever lady. Her insights into people has come from years of training healers, mediums. She has done many talks on intuition, forgiveness and healing. Through our workshops, stillness times and talks you will learn to go deep to unlock what is blocking your clarity.  Dawn will challenge you to seek the answers you need.

Vicki and Tania are fantastic healers, they are known for life changing results with their hands-on healings. You will receive a personal, intensive private healing. Tania will take the group through a fire ceremony.  Noa is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience. Justine is the founder of Lustre Collective. She is a trained healer, psychic medium. She is available to make sure the little special things are there to help you relax, be pampered or for a supportive ear.



Healthy doesn't have to mean you can't treat yourself. Benoit our French chef knows this well working as a pastry chef in Paris. He has a love of nutritional food and is a born food gatherer. His creative dishes are artistic masterpieces using fresh, colourful, natural ingredients.

We will be gluten, refined sugar, caffeine and dairy free for the weekend. We will have vegetarian options, as well as fish. All the ingredients will be chosen to keep you light and mentally on-form. 

Our menu will include breakfast, lunch a three course dinner. There will also be herbal tea/juices, savoury canapés and sweet treats - so no need to sneak in chocolate. 

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