Hi Beautiful


Live from the 23/03/2017

Welcome to day 11.  One more sleep.

Today we are going to speak our truth, and explore the things we've wanted to do for ages. See below your yoga from Jeanette and today's challenge by Alison.  Please remember your daily rituals.

“I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is."

Challenge by Alison Ramsay

What are you not making time for?!


Yoga Video

Jeanette's morning yoga practise is for the throat Charkra.

The "way of the Throat Chakra" is the way of inspired creativity, seeking and sharing of the truth.

It is the way of standing up for what you believe, saying no when you need to, and being open and honest in what you say.

Do you dare to be creative? Do you dare to open up to a life full of infinite possibilities?

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