Welcome Beautiful

 Please see below a teaser for our first day on the Lustre Life Cleanse. We are excited to get you started, but first have a look around this page and get familiar with our chatroom, this is a place where you can post how you are feeling, ask questions and support each other, as well as posting inspiration.

You are about to follow a plan that we ask you commit to fully, that's if you wish to make positive change in your life. But let's make this work for you, if you have any quieries please speak openly in the chatroom or to Justine at

Please feel free to print out as many of our meal planners and weekly organisers as you like by clicking the below buttons. 


Day One

Live from the 13/02/2017 12am

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Yoga Video 1- Yoga teacher and physiotherapist Jeanette Ida starts off our cleanse with a gentle 20min yoga practise. Video live at the start of the course

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Challenge 1- Weekly audits by Justine Jamieson. A stress-less life means you have to be organised, we want you to make time for the most important things be continued


*We ask that you respect our group Lustre Collective by not sharing your login details with friends. All logins will be tracked. 

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