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A Weekend of Yoga with Jessica Johnson

  • Hot Yoga Nelson 20 Nile Street Nelson New-Zealand (map)

The Anatomy of Yoga: Spine & Torso: A workshop on on core human anatomy and it’s relationship to the yoga practice. Designed to inform and inspire students and teachers alike with a mix of lecture, interactive functional application, and Q&A, this class dives into the complex topic of yoga anatomy in a way that is easily-digestable. We’ll cover how to speak the language of anatomy with confidence, how key musculoskeletal anatomy is engaged in the asana practice (including muscular attachment sites, actions and targeted yoga asana to stretch and strengthen each one), how to avoid asana-related injury, as well as how to tailor your practice to address specific pre-existing injuries, physical limitations and targeted physical goals. Build a solid foundation for an intelligent, empowered yoga practice and fall in love with the magic that is the human body.

Into the Fire: A Journey of Self-Inquiry: Yoga really means “union,” and of it’s many gifts, perhaps the most empowering are the tools it provides for self-reflection. The asanas we practice are not merely means to themselves–they’re instruments for showing us where we’re holding back, where there’s room to grow, for shining a light on old patterns and preconceived notions, for allowing us to then heal the soft spots on our hearts we might not’ve even known were there. And when we find this strength to walk into the fire–into honesty and vulnerability–within the safe haven of our the yoga mats, we’re then able to translate this knowledge to the struggles we face outside of it. This is a workshop that dives deep. Beginning with guided meditation and ending with individual and collective reflection, what’s between is fiery dynamic vinyasa intentionally designed to challenge, open, and strengthen body, mind and spirit–because as the legendary poet Charles Bukowski says, “what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”

The Yoga of Remembering: A practice for coming home to who we really are. After a morning of yang, this Sunday afternoon class will bring a very welcomed element of yin, sealing in the benefits and rounding out the workshop series with thoughtful balance. This workshop includes a mix of restorative asana interweaved with a discussion of the koshas, potent thought-provoking meditation and a little bit of reflective journaling, finishing with an indulgent long and deliciously supported “art of savasana.” Close out your weekend by returning to your natural state–the inherent love, wisdom, truth, and bliss of which our souls are made–ready to take on the week from a place of empowerment, clarity and calm.