Welcome to Lustre Collective

We're so pleased to have you on board the Lustre team we are looking at working closely with you, to try and help as many as we can live happier, healthier and funkier lives. 

Your membership includes:

  1. An advertising directory spot in either the Body, Mind, Soul, Style, Create, Nourish section/s on the Lustre Collective website (Please tick which catagories below). 
  2. Unlimited free listings on the community events calendar.  
  3. You could also be selected to be part of the many arranged events or online courses throughout the year, for this you would be paid a contracted rate unless the event is for a charity fundraiser.
  4. Regular social media promotions on rotation with other members will highlight club members services and their products, plus give you the opportunity to offer extra deals to club members or giveaways on our monthly newsletter. You will receive a Lustre Club Card giving the holder special offers/discounts to other collective members.
  5. We hold regular member networking events with guest speakers on business and marketing to help our members. Occasionally we have speakers from inside the collective sharing their story.

In accepting the membership contract you agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Please submit an image on the link and complete the form below:

Please insert profile image on this LINK HERE remember that the image  will be cropped square and needs to be a good quality jpeg or a business logo on a background colour. You can enter multiple images if you are advertising in more than one section.

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$350 +GST and $100+GST per additional section
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Please read our conditions carefully:

GENERAL We reserve the right to refuse publishing an advertisement, or withdraw an advertisement from
the publication without reason. In the event of refusal a full refund will be offered to you. All orders,  cancellations, alterations and instructions should be made in writing. No responsibility will be taken for errors or omissions caused by misinterpretations or oversight in verbal communications or instructions.

MEMBERSHIP / ADVERTISING RATES All membership fees are exclusive GST. All fees are priced in NZ$.
Membership rates are subject to review at any stage. Pricing wIll remain for the duration of this annual

PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS Full payment is required two weeks following the accepting of this agreement
Interest of 10% will incur on all overdue amounts. If payment of the account is not made by the due date the
member may be liable for all costs of recovery and collection fees.

Cancellation of term contract: In the event of termination of a term contract prior to the end date
agreed, the advertiser accepts that no refund is given. Cancellation of contract by JJ Media Ltd: In the event that JJ Media Ltd wishes to cancel a members agreement due to poor service given to a club card holder this will be immediate and will be in writing
to the member.

ERROR The advertiser must tell us as soon as possible if there is an error in any advertisement that the advertiser has placed. JJ Media Ltd will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss (which includes loss of revenue or profit) from any error or failure to publish and if we are found to have any direct liability for any circumstance that liability is limited to the cost of the advertisement.

COPY RIGHT Where the advertiser/member utilizes any aspects of our design and/or photographic tools
from Lustre Collective, the advertiser/member acknowledges that we own the copyright in such work. Or logo
can be used for promotion but all artwork authorised by Lustre Collective.

CONFIDENTIALITY The details of any agreements prepared by us are for you are to remain confidential. Copying and/or distribution of proposals or contract is prohibited.

RENEWAL This and any other contract does not give you the first right of renewal at the expiry of a contract.

DESIGN Pricing does not include photography. The artistic copyright of all advertisements facilitated by JJ Media through it’s resources remains the property of JJ Media and reproduction in other publications without the permission of JJ Media is not permitted