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Live from the 10/03/2017

Welcome to day 26. You've done it well done you should be extremely proud that you have taken the time to improve your life.

Hopefully some of the things you have learnt you may take into your everyday life. But I'm sure the thing that you would have got from this cleanse is more awareness of yourself, your insecurities and your strengths. For those that feel like they have failed, you haven't, you are one step closer to knowing yourself and even the smallest step forward is in the right direction, start speaking nicer to yourself. 

Just remember you are already perfect, whole and complete, there is no one in the world like you and your past has brought you to this place but it doesn't have to determine your future.

We all have our purpose here on Earth and we don't always know what that is, but everyday wake up and make decisions that push you towards that of your purpose and your truth.

If you wish to take this journey to the next level I would like to offer all Life Cleanse ladies $200 off the main room on our Kiyiya retreat this month, or our shared room at $600pp. Please have a look here we are past deadline for booking but need these spots filled by Tues next week. visit

I have felt truely blessed to be part of your journey and there hasn't been one day that I haven't thought about you amazing women. I would love some feedback to improve our cleanse and to use for future marketing. Thanks for your patience with our first one. 

" You are enough." 

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