Women’s self-belief course

7 days - Starts 13 November

$59.99 Bring a friend/daughter for ½ price (ages 15yrs+)

1 week to kickstart a lifetime. (Limited spaces so get in quick)

Women let’s charge through fears that create doubt in our ability and let’s feel confident in our own skin. It’s time, your voice must be heard. Let’s do this together!

At times in our lives we can find ourselves struggling to be at peace with ourselves. We lack motivation, self-doubt creeps in when we try to make decisions, we fear being judged or we look in the mirror and instantly zoom in on what we think are our flaws. All this can be due to many different influences and life setbacks, but at the very core is a negative self-belief of not being enough and that you don’t believe you deserve the very best in life. Each and every one of us has a purpose and that purpose may be bigger than what you may have ever believed before.

Join ex-fashion/magazine editor and stylist turned spiritual coach/healer and director of Lustre Collective Justine Jamieson and dancer, actor, film director/writer and spiritual teacher Dawn Marron as they take you on a journey full of passion, purpose and motivation.

Course includes:

Topics: Who are you? Finding your strengths, body Image, mindset, healing old wounds, speaking-up, wellness, motivation, exercise and self-love.

5 x suggested daily rituals

4 x Online yoga videos from local Lustre Yoga Partners. 

6 x Journaling challenges to do in your time

Included Group Activities:

• Group discussion and healing, Mash-it-up dance (7pm Monday 13th Nov)

• Optional Mash-it-up Dance/exercise (Thursday 16th Nov)

• Group Facebook sharing/chat

• Celebration talk/dance (6pm Sunday 19th Nov)

This is much better than a “get in shape for summer” feel empowered, passionate and motivated, this is for any size, any fitness level, any age over 15yrs

To quote Dawn “I don’t care what you look like, get your sass ass to class.”

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Other Lustre Course Testimonials:

"I saw the life cleanse advertised and thought it would be an interesting challenge as I needed to re programme/calm after my mum passed. The support and information through the four weeks was incredible, far more than I had expected.

I found the chat room with the nutrition especially important to help with the eating suggestions. The yoga was inspiring, the lessons seemed to be really well matched with each weeks programme. The yoga was explained well to be able to practise at home. The daily challenges and videos were really informative and supportive.

I have learnt so much and I think we are extremely lucky to have this available here in Nelson. The team involved behind the scenes have given us a great opportunity to be involved in the four weeks of the cleanse and then be able to continue on after it has completed with lots of special gems. Thankyou Justine and everybody for making the cleanse a fabulous life changing four weeks."- Katie Gold"