Yeow sisters

Sign up to our new Lustre Wild Woman Empowerment Challenge starting on Monday 7th August  You can join from anywhere in the world, in your own time. Registrations close 3rd August

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman standing in her goddess power. So let's do it together
- Justine Jamieson (Course Leader)

No woman is ordinary. We are each a unique expression of the feminine.  Each one of us, male and female, carries within our psyche both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetype energies. From these archetypal energies come all our conscious thoughts, plans, desires, goals and agendas. These energies intertwine and cooperate to produce a uniquely personal expression and experience of life.

The New Divine Feminine is modern woman’s way of connecting to ancient ways of being a woman. When we embrace the energies of the New Divine Feminine we:

  • Honour our role as nurturers and collaborators.
  • Reclaim our sensuality
  • Harness our creative energy 
  • Release shame-based belief systems and their limitations
  • Step into courage by speaking from our hearts
  • Challenge or bodies and feel confident in our own skin
  • Practice our intuition and desolve what's in the way of this.
  • Chat as women give wise council when they feel safe to share their views


Bookings close 3rd August or prior if maximum number is reached. 

Book now numbers are limited



  • Easy daily routines
  • Daily challenges written by Spiritual teachers
  • 7 x Online Yoga sessions.  An example of our online yoga HERE
  • Weekly sister circle webinar hosted by Lustre Spiritual teachers with expert advice and support from others on the challenge. Check out one of our live webinars HERE
  • Online chatroom for everyone in the group
  • 10-20min video seminars on self discovery
  • Free Lustre Club Card for discounts on more practitioners, stylists, retailers and health shops
  • Easy online links to follow so no need to be computer savvy see HERE how it is set up 

 Special treat for Nelsonians FREE Barre or Belly Fit class


Other Lustre Course Testimonials:

"I saw the life cleanse advertised and thought it would be an interesting challenge as I needed to re programme/calm after my mum passed. The support and information through the four weeks was incredible, far more than I had expected.

I found the chat room with the nutrition especially important to help with the eating suggestions. The yoga was inspiring, the lessons seemed to be really well matched with each weeks programme. The yoga was explained well to be able to practise at home. The daily challenges and videos were really informative and supportive.

I have learnt so much and I think we are extremely lucky to have this available here in Nelson. The team involved behind the scenes have given us a great opportunity to be involved in the four weeks of the cleanse and then be able to continue on after it has completed with lots of special gems. Thankyou Justine and everybody for making the cleanse a fabulous life changing four weeks."- Katie Gold"