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Live from the 21/02/2017

Welcome to day 2 week 2, it's your day off, well when we say 'your day off' we mean your digestion's day off. It's liquid day! That means nutritional smoothies, juices (3 parts veggy 1 part fruit), almond milk, herbal teas or hearty soups. Please remember to take it easy on yourself today that means not a huge amount of exercise, saunas are also a good idea. See below yesterday's yoga from Jeanette Ida and yesterday's challenge incase you want to do them again.   

“All the vitality and all the energy I have, comes to me because my body is purified by fasting.”  Gandhi

Gratitude Challenge

Alison Ramsay looks at gratitude as a springboard for a wonderful life.

Yoga Video

Jeanette opens our hearts with this morning's yoga practise (18min).

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