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Live from the 09/03/2017

Welcome to day 25. We're coming to the end of the Lustre Life Cleanse and right now things maybe still coming up for you, you maybe sick or feeling like you are still detoxing old things and that is normal, just try and take it day by day.  Your link to tonight's webinar with Noreen is below, since it is our last one it would be great to see you on there. Also see below yesterday's videos just incase you missed them or want to see them again.  Please remember your daily rituals.

"If only I eyes saw souls,instead of bodies how different our ideals of beauty would be." 

Live Webinar with Noreen - Live at 7.55pm tonight NZ time 

Noreen looks at how to eat for energy and connection and how you can add parts of this cleanse into your life.

Video Watch - Alison Ramsay

Alison talks about the Architecture of Insecurity 

Yoga Video - Julie Stephens Yoga 

Energising Morning Practise 25min


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