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Live from the 02/03/2017

Welcome to day 18. Today we have an important webinar with Noreen, join the team to talk about what is coming up for you in what could be yur hardest week of the cleanse.  See below yesterday's yoga from Noa and yesterday's video by Alison.  Please remember your daily rituals.

“It's important to understand the imbalances in your body's basic system and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill".  

LIVE with Noreen MacDonald 8.00pm-8.30pm (NZ Time)

Noreen talks about Gut foods and our cleanse essentials for next week . Use this time to connect with other life cleansers.

Please click this link tonight at 7.55pm

Yesterday's Video Watch - Alison Ramsay

Alison talks about the marriage between authenticity and creativity.

Yesterday's Yoga Video - Noa Vodnizky Parker from Yoga Noa

The sacral chakra is your centre of creativity.

Passion is the fuel of creative energy. Everything you create, a poem, a drawing, or a website, originates from the energy of second chakra. It is also where your fertility originates. After all, conceiving a child is a creative process.

A person with an open Svadhisthana Chakra is passionate, present in her body, sensual, creative, and connected to her feeling.

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