Identifying Fears

By Sheila Kennard Psych-K Practitioner


The theme for the week is re-programming the mind, it is day two and you may be wondering what you have let yourself in for. Maybe there are some questions and fears around the weeks ahead, about your ability to rise to the challenges that will be asked of you. On this programme it may be a fear of removing a food group, or coming across something that acts as a trigger for you.

We all hold fears, some are small and easily overcome, and others may be all-consuming phobias that dominates life. This challenge is more about baby steps that may turn into giant steps as you move through the four weeks. You can return to the challenge at any time you feel.

It is said that there are only two emotions – love and fear, one propels us forward and the other holds us back. Love creates a positive pathway, whilst fear gifts us a difficult road to follow, one that can easily become full of negative emotions. Coming to terms with our fears is an ongoing process, take it gently and you will be amazed at what you can transform.


A useful question to ask when dealing with a fear is

“What would love do?”


The Challenge

  • I suggest you are on your own away from distractions. You may wish to light a candle.
  • You will need a paper bag or envelope, and small paper squares to write on.
  • Write at least six of your fears onto the squares – only one per square and pop them into your bag.
  • Choose one of the fears from the bag, you may already know which one you wish to work with – or make a random lucky dip choice.
  • On a sheet of paper write a letter to that fear. Imagine it hearing you, thank it for assisting you as it may have felt it was keeping you safe and doing it’s job, not realizing that you no longer needed it.
  •  Now imagine yourself posting the letter, in a “letterbox of bright light,” as you post the letter once again thank the fear, assure it that it no longer serves you and release it with love.
  •  You may choose to keep the letter or you may wish to burn it, cut it up and simply throw it away, knowing that it has done it’s job and no longer serves a purpose. You can repeat this process, as many times as you want with the remaining fears, there is no need to rush.


I have added a useful coping skill that you may wish to use at any point throughout the month long cleanse: -

Sit in a chair, cross your feet at your ankles, test this both ways around to see which feels better. Cross your arms at your wrists, once again try both ways to get the right way for the occasion – it may change each time you do this. Fold your hands into each other and link your fingers. Lay your hands in your lap. Close your eyes and simply sit, you will notice a calmness descend upon you, it may take a couple of minutes of longer, just enjoy the tranquility.