Challenge One

Live from the 13/02/2017

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Balancing your life

It is very important on this life cleanse that you plan your week. We often fill out our calendar with things that we have to do for work, kids drop-offs, or appointments. Then the gaps probably fill up with unexpected things, or we get distracted and fluff about telling everyone how busy we are.

We as women try to be everything, to everyone. We try to be a better friend,  a better mother, more loving partner, the best worker or try to change the world. But maybe, just maybe you have to be the one that slows down the rat race. Are you forgetting about yourself, your physical needs, your emotional needs, or your souls needs by not setting boundaries?

Most women struggle with is boundaries, we hate saying "no". We also struggle with 'fomo' (fear of missing out) a lot too. We want to be there for everyone and often get side-tracked, yarning for way longer than we thought we would. When you have a schedule it's clearer in your mind what needs to be done. Maybe set reminder notifications on your phone before you go into a meetings or tea with friends.

In this calendar I want you to put something you love doing, something that you haven't had time for, also factor in friendship time, family time, time in the sun, alone time and anything else you'd like. 

Everyday you need alone time so factor it in, that's a non negotiable on the life cleanse. It's the only time you will connect back into yourself, find answers, or recognise anything you are holding on to that doesn't serve you. If you think this is unacheivable then you need to set stronger boundaries with those around you, or wake up earlier. 

As Jeanette Ida said me the other day

"Disipline may not seem like it at first, but it is actually freedom".  

Stay disiplined ladies, it seems hard at first. but breaking old habits is hard. Also be careful of your words, don't talk yourself out of things before you even try. 

I'm so happy to be on this journey with you.

Justine  x 

*The weekly meal planner should be filled out before the end of today. So you can plan your healthy grocery shop, this should also be factored in each week on your calendar. Remember to make time for filling in your calendar for the next week on this week's calendar too.