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Live from the 07/03/2017

Positive Reflection

By Justine Jamieson

In my years of designing clothes to fit woman, fitting woman into clothes in shops, being a stylist for magazines, dressing many catwalk shows, and even being an amatuer model, one thing has stood out to me more than anything - women hate on themselves!

Struggling with body image myself  for many years I now understand this sickness, and yes I call it a sickness. The constant want to be perfect can make us ill and change how others react to us.

Whether you a) look and the mirror pull your skin taut and say "yuck look at that", or b) you say to the shop assistant "I need to jeans that fit over my fat thighs, I've put on a bit of weight.." or C) you "take the piss" out of your body to others, or d) you compliment someone, but at the same time say "I wish I had". You have to work on your self esteem!

I used to call my body parts names and constantly point out what I saw as imperfections. I even wrote comedy about my 'cankles, thuttocks and receeding hairline' in national media publications. Saying negative jokes is still putting yourself down and drawing attention to yourself and invites judgement. A confident woman will not do this. 

Want to know how I went from hiding my bum and thighs backing out the door naked infront of my partner and wearing boardshorts on the beach,  to being a ametuer bikini model on a catwalk of 150 staring audience?

No special cream or celebrity workouts here... I was the same size all along, it was all in the words I used infront of the mirror.



A) Look in the mirror, you may not feel ready to do this naked just yet, although it can be very powerful to do this. Say the words: 

" your name, I am sorry for all the times I have spoken badly of your body. You are enough."

B) Choose as many body parts that you aren't happy with in this excercise. Write down what they are and why you are thankful to have them/it.

eg: I used to write 

  1. I am thankful for my bump on my nose, without it, it wouldn't show the connection with my family genes and I love being part of my family..
  2. I am thankful for my high hairline because if my hair came out my eyes it would be hard to see.
  3. I'm thankful for my thick ankles because I have had minimal injuries while playing sports.
  4. I'm thankful for my legs because life would be a lot harder dragging my bum along the ground with my arms.

I would catch myself anytime I put myself down and replace it with these words above, I even wrote them on my mirror and said them as I looked into it ever day. At the start I didn't believe what I was saying, but over time I did. 

Chuck away your scales, they only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. It will not tell you how beautiful you are and how much your family loves you.