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Mending Bridges

By Sheila Kennard

A bridge is a clever piece of engineering that enables you to get from one place to another, over water or canyons. They can be as amazing as the Auckland Harbour Bridge or as simple as stepping-stones over a creek. Throughout life metaphorical bridges are so important to assist us in getting from one part of our life journey to another. How easily we both build them and tear them down, only to find we are stranded and not sure how to get back to our idea of solid land. This challenge will help you to rebuild any bridges you may have torn down from yourself and assist you on your journey back to you.

Taking part in this Life Cleanse is a great step on the way to mending bridges back to you; it is only really when those are strong and steady that we can truly mend any bridges we have with others.



The Challenge

I suggest you are on your own and away from distractions. You may wish to light a candle and to have some quiet music playing. You will need paper and pen.

  • Draw a fortress on your paper – it can be as simple as a square and on it draw a drawbridge that is up, blocking out a variety of things such as the past, people, the future or yourself.
  • Now make a list of who or what you may like to invite into the fortress – or to let out, sometimes mending can mean ending.
  • Pick something off your list and write an invitation either welcoming or dismissing, and give the reason, for example:

An invitation to Self-Doubt

To leave my fortress.

I no longer need you in my life,

I am strong and courageous and

Capable of achieving all I choose

  • Imagine the drawbridge being lowered to either let something or someone in or out. Once done cross the person or thing off your list.
  • Once again you may wish to keep this or you may wish to burn it, cut it up or simply throw away the negative invitations.  You may wish to keep the positive ones.
  • You can repeat this process as often as you choose.