Finding Connection

A look at how we can calm judgment and relinquish separation.

Justine’s talk at The Workshop Co-working space Ponsonby photo Belinda Nash

Justine’s talk at The Workshop Co-working space Ponsonby photo Belinda Nash

If you listen to judgments good or bad, you will be a slave to that which is outside yourself. Believe you are worthy and you will see everything else fails to compare to that feeling of respect. - Justine Jamieson

I often get asked by people what my beliefs are around spirituality. I struggle to come up with words to explain sometimes, so I usually stop. I find it easier to show the experience and get them connected to their own truth, that way there isn’t any judgment/discernment needed.

A lot of people lately have talked to me about being worried about people leaving them and being judged for choosing a ‘spiritual’ way of living. Judgement has been a big one in my life too, I have judged myself mostly and others plenty, in return they have done the same with me - that’s how it works.

‘I hate judgmental people’ many people say. It always makes me giggle at the irony of that statement. Every word said is judged by those that listen. They do it based on what experience they’ve had in their lifetime. Those that haven’t experienced what you have will have minds that struggle to make sense of what you're saying. They may also struggle with feeling compassion for your story.

To be understood every word must be felt, rather than just heard. When I am speaking – I must talk from the vibration of my heart’s speaker. If it is not ‘high vibin’ truth’ that is being said it won’t be felt, the mind may find a clever way to say it, but it will not carry the weight to be felt so intensely by others through a heart connection.

I’ve had what some have judged as a tough life. Some are shocked when they hear it, but by some other's standards I’ve have had a normal life maybe? I spoke about my life experience in a talk the other day. I did this to inspire forgiveness with others and help others to surrender to going with the flow of life. I came away feeling judged, with a hint of shame. I even invited in other’s opinions to add to the feeling that was coming up for me.

Because those feelings were within me still, I was not quite in alignment of the success story that I was speaking. Obviously, my being still held the vibration of judgement and shame of my past decisions, there was another layer of forgiveness that still needed to play out. This was interesting to me. Was I still going to listen to the shame story I was telling myself for any longer though? No, we don’t have to dwell in our shadows. We can choose to believe otherwise to be able to go forward in a healthier way. I can let the remainder of that feeling release by making peace with my shame.

You see, some which others perceive as a tragedy I perceive as my gift. Some that those perceive as their perpetrators, I perceive as my messengers. If I was not first lost I wouldn’t be a Clarity Coach and if I wasn’t first silenced through abuse I wouldn’t be helping those with communicating their truth. Experiences create who we are, they are our clues to our life’s purpose.

To me the essence of spirituality is about togetherness not separation.

Through my years in spiritual groups I’ve heard much separation between those that are ‘awake’ and those that are not, a separation of those that choose different spiritual beliefs and even separation of the mind, body and soul. Any of this chat means people aren’t getting it whatsoever. We are one light being, surrounded by more beings of light, all made from the same thing, just vibin’ in and out of different frequencies at all times.

Now if we are all the same thing – I believe we are attracting the same vibes that are in us, everything that we judge, we are yet to accept within ourselves. Obviously we aren’t all murderers (of humans) in this lifetime but as a human being there lies in us the ability to kill. Once we acknowledge all these parts of ourselves we can move from one experience to the next.

Question: ‘Why do men treat me this way?’

Answer: because if you look inside, you betray yourself. Find that wee girl inside first and love her. Then your reality will reflect your new-found love.

Our ego mind clings to many things that we no longer need. If the lesson is understood the experience will be gone, that simple really. Does this mean we have to live in heartbreak and sadness that the experience is over? No, we can accept it for the experience which has made us grow in some way. Once we have gone through the initial emotion and are at a place to see the nugget of gold in even the most ‘awful’ experiences, we can find gratitude. If we don’t find that within ourselves, I believe we will live it again, if not in this life, then maybe the next. This is what I have found after regressing many people into past lives. The subconscious mind still carries the vibration to this life and plays out experiences again.

When we continually release the mind’s judgement of ourselves through acceptance, forgiveness and love, it’s as if magic – life will stop judging us and we will come into alignment with everything.

Life will continue to bring us connection rather than painful separation.

Written by Justine Jamieson

(Founder of Lustre Collective)

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