Extraordinarily Normal

My Forever Changing World of Beliefs



This weekend I got asked - "what are my spiritual beliefs?" Big question...It got me pondering.

I believe that everything should start from the heart space, I believe that the heart is where the whole universe/gods/collective consciousness reside. I believe that everything and everyone is connected - as within so without.

I believe we are all energy and therefor can adapt to or create any environment we choose. When we learn to overcome the limitations of our subconscious mind we open ourselves up to endless possibilities of life. I believe the subconscious is influenced from this lifetime’s experiences, the DNA we get from our parents and unresolved hurt from other lifetimes.

The flow of the universe is shown through sequential happenings “signs”. If we stay present enough to see and listen to these “signs”, they will guide us to a path that is for our highest good, it’s where life flows, this is what I call the “turtle stream” to quote a mentor of mine.

I believe even in our darkest moments we are not alone, if we surrender, stop fighting the process and pray for signs we will be shown a sign to the next right move back to the path we are meant to be on. There are many frequencies and dimensions ready to communicate with us and as we have guides/mentors here on earth so do we in other dimensions. When I started to believe this I never felt alone again because I could tap into the love that was all around me guiding me towards joy.

As here on earth there are lower vibes and higher vibes, the trick is to be grounded and centered enough to be able to extend our vibe to the highest dimension of intelligence, we do this by being in the absolute present moment and ”linking in” however that looks for each of us. This could be in nature or through a meditation practice. I believe we link in easier through getting to know our higher spiritual self, this is all the parts of our soul that couldn’t fit in our physical body, it’s the wisest part of us. I believe good intention, authenticity, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude towards myself and others are my tools to raise my vibe to be in alignment with my higher spiritual self.

No one should limit their beliefs, they should stay open to every new moment where a new belief may form. We shouldn’t believe everything another has to say, nor should we force our beliefs on others. Collectively we should encourage others to understand that they are the creator of their own reality and belief system.

By experiencing extreme situations I believe we get to know the depths of what we are able to overcome as humans, our life experiences should be used to guide others to a lighter way of living to raise the collective vibe. When we are conscious of how our actions affect others and our planet, the higher the vibe on earth. Collectively we enter an age where we are wiser more evolved humans that choose love over fear, lightness over darkness.

That’s just my belief though..

Stay true

Justine x