Excuses Exposed

Change it up

I was supposed to write this blog last week but surprise, surprise I was too busy and it wasn't perfect enough, but hey that is who I am a worrywart. There goes three excuses for one wee blog, it's amazing how many excuses we give ourselves on a daily basis. These excuses can be quite an issue when it comes to living life to it's fulliest. I decided to expose the common excuses (lies) we tell ourselves and found affirmations to replace them, to help motivate and attract wonderful occurances into our lives. 

Which of the following excuses do you catch yourself using frequently?

1. I don't have the time. The most common one by far. Are you too busy to do the things that really make you happy? However realistic this seems - you are the one making the choice to be this busy. "But kids?" "But my boss?" "But my partner?" You are the one that is making choices to be this busy. Here are a few sentences you can start saying to yourself -

" I'm allowed to say no to questions that lead me from living my own life".
" I can do things my way; there isn't just one hard rule".
" I want to make time to live the life I was destined to live, without neglecting my responsibilities". 
" I can make time for what is truly important and that is my happiness".

2. I'm too old. Rubbish of course! When you were younger you probably thought you didn't have enough experience. Well now you do, you are the most intelligent you have ever been. Share your gifts and knowledge with the world, the world needs your experience. Change it up tell yourself -
"I'm never too old to do what makes me happy, I can do it right now".

3. I don't have the energy. Many people suffer from a lack of energy. Why? The more time you think about being tired, and saying you're tired, the more tired you will be. Maybe "not having enough time" is another one of your friends. Not having enough time to prepare nutritional meals, not having enough time to review your emotional state, or not having enough sleep, or not managing to exercise. Maybe these things contribute to your energy levels?  Try telling yourself -

"I live life with passion, and this passion fills me up with divine energy.

4. I can't afford it. Now obviously some people have less money than others. For some a trip to Motueka may seem like a holiday, while you watch others jet off to Bali, or the islands. The first step is start by being grateful for the things that come for free, the things you get automatically. Be aware of what you actually have, and maybe you could see what sacrifices you could make to go on that holiday, or what you could sell to buy that item you really want. 

Replace “I can't afford it” with "I am rich in my life, and I am open to the possibilities and opportunities the abundant universe has to offer me."

5. It's just who I am. Your past has made you who you are now that is correct. Is that complaining, snappy, or anxious you really you? Or could it be something that you haven't made peace with? Accepting the past doesn't mean you agreed with what happened, it means you are not letting those things affect your reactions and keep you stuck in old mucky patterns of behaviour. You can tell yourself -

"I live in the now, and I can decide who I want to be and act accordingly". 

6. I would disappoint others. Oooo here's one for us people pleasers. Don't like conflict? Or don't want to hurt the people you love? Who would, but is that the absolute truth? Would someone stop loving you or reject you if you said you really wanted to do something that made you happy? Or is that a fear? They may need to get used to the idea, but to what extent are you responsible for the happiness, approval, or reactions of others? Try the affirmation -

"I'd prefer that others adapt their expectations of me, so they can love me for who I am, not someone I'm not."

Be careful of your words, be conscious of what that excuse is doing for your happy life.

Written by Justine Jamieson