Changing the perceptions gained from experiences

Justine Jamieson looks at PSYCH-K® 

I was recently introduced to PSYCH-K® by Sheila Kennard of Inner Mediation at her clinic in Founders Park. As Sheila explained, PSYCH-K® is a therapy based on the foundation that it is our sub-conscious beliefs that determine our everyday attitudes, actions and experiences, and these can be modified or changed.

We live in a world where the media delights in fueling our fears. These fears may be to do with our self-esteem and how we see ourselves, or to do with what we fear is happening in the world around us.

We all know how easily we can let the fears and concerns we have dominate our daily lives, performance, relationship and everyday actions, to the detriment of our mental and physical health – and to the detriment of the contribution we really want to make to our family, community and society in general.

Just imagine if we could change the dominance these fears and concerns have on our lives and exchange them for a positive, more balanced view! Where the fears assume their proper place in the background of our lives while we enjoy getting on with our lives and all that is good around us. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing those worry-lines fade from your brow and your smiles spreading and becoming more frequent – or even constant!

Sheila explains PSYCH-K® to me. By working on those sub-conscious beliefs that, sub-conscious or not, so easily dominate our waking hours, they can be changed, so that undesirable experiences are transformed into joyful experiences. PSYCH-K® achieves this through protocols called ‘balances’, employing techniques designed to create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the brain, so achieving a ‘whole-brain’ state. Once this state has been reached, resistance to reducing or eliminating these dark sub-conscious beliefs can be overcome, overwriting them with consciously chosen beliefs, in a similar way to upgrading the software on a computer. PSYCH-K® provides the means with which to achieve a high level of collaboration within the brain, making all resources available to face any given situation, expanding the options available with which to respond, rather than letting fears be a dominating factor.

After a relaxed discussion, Sheila tested my belief in certain statements I was saying by carrying out muscle testing, this is the baseline process from which the therapy session then develops. Further muscle testing later in the therapy session will reveal whether the desired changes have taken place, or whether more work needs to be done.

Muscle testing means that if I said something I do not believe in, for instance “My name is John”, then my muscles go weak, but if I said something I believe in such as “My name is Justine”, my muscle response would be strong, with no ‘conscious’ effort or instruction to my muscles from me. To take this a step further, you may be asked to say “I am deserving of love” and, while you may think you truly believe this, muscle-testing may reveal at a subconscious level that you do not believe this at all and that in fact deep down you feel the opposite, so that your sub-conscious ends up blocking your being loved as you deserve in the real world, and maybe seeking something less enjoyable. There could be many reasons for feeling this way, possibly having been heartbroken in a previous relationship and not wanting to be vulnerable to such hurt again and, while that may be fair enough, it is also blocking one from moving forward in a balanced way.

I started to feel like a puppet as Sheila asked me to look up, look down, cross my legs or arms, and other movements, as we progressed through various ‘balance’ routines, each addressing different issues identified during the earlier muscle testing. Amazingly, this therapy worked and I left Sheila with my eyes brighter and mind working through more positive and uplifting thoughts.

Even now, as I write this some time after the last session with Sheila, I really do feel stronger and more confident in my abilities. I now seem to have a “Yeah! I am mentally strong” attitude, that was not as prevalent before I visited Sheila.

Go on! Change your future to a positive experience, by changing the perceptions you are holding on to of your past experiences. Find out what you may truly be capable of! Visit for more information, or call Sheila to make a booking Telephone:   03 265 5559 Mobile: 027 364 4717

Beliefs are perceptions of reality created by conclusions, derived from information or experience. Beliefs can be both conscious and/or subconscious.”
                                                          - Robert M. Williams, M.A. Originator of PSYCH-K®

Here’s a link to more information from Robert Williams M.A. Originator of PSYCH-K®