The Light Room

Following Intuitive Guidance

I've been pondering on a question from one of my fave teachers, Caroline Myss.

"Do you respond to intuitive directives and are you able to then manifest what you're being directed to do?"

I talk to many people who struggle to know what their intuitive guidance even is, and if they do know they certainly find it tough to follow through on those inspirations. I have some intuitive directives of my own that I am dancing around with yet not exactly following through on. What is that about?

I've shared with you in earlier blogs that change is one of the scariest things for us humans. It's the not knowing the outcome thing that our ego personalities find so threatening. Staying safe and familiar brings some kind of easy comfort, or familiar discomfort.

Our Higher Self guides us with intuition. Sometimes that guidance is as basic as knowing what we need to eat rather than what the mind/ego wants to eat. Choices that simple can have quite an impact on what unfolds in our world from that point. Less basic choices can be paralysing as we sense that our lives will change. Are we ready for such change?

Is it time for you to distinguish between intuitive directives and fantasies for your life that are not really what you truly are prepared to put energy into bringing about? Being honest with yourself is a wise practise that I highly recommend.

Ask yourself what you truly are prepared to do to bring change about or consider accepting that you don't want to do the work or take the risk that's required. Know yourself enough to be honest.

Caroline Myss suggests updating your goals, attitudes and habits. Are any of them not you anymore? Do you need to put your energy into something more aligned with who are you are today? This kind of self reflection is required if you are to make greater peace with your life.

Intuitions are always with you. Are you prepared to follow through on them? And if you want to but feel stuck how about seeking some assistance? If you're one to complain or worry that equates to lost energy which can lead to dis-ease. Accept the life you are living if you don't have the energy for change. Either choice has the potential to bring you peace of mind.

wishing you honesty with your life

with light