Ever since I was a little girl people have asked my opinion on where to go and what to do. After many years of phone calls and messages I decided there must be an easier way, so I created Lustre Collective.  After 2 years in business I changed tack. I stripped Lustre back to it's bones and made advertising on this collective free. This feels more genuine to me. I only accept those businesses that I have tried, that I trust and feel proud to work alongside and collaborate with. Their morals and ethics align with my core values.

There are many people doing cool things in this world, I want to help spread the word of those people so they can support others on their journey back to empowering themselves. I will do this by sharing my experiences and recommendations. As a self-confessed 'passion junkie' that loves new experiences I have tried many products and services on my  journey. The last 4 years being extremely jam-packed with transformation. You will find only the brands and businesses I've tried, love and trust in the directories on this site and in my writing. I only promote high vibe products and services so that includes only businesses and peeps that care about their impact on the Earth, other humans and all animals.

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This marketing is all free so feel free to contact me to try your product and/or service. Yeah no $$ exchange as my recommendations are all credible and wholesome-like. Oh yeah but our followers will want free stuff sometimes too, who doesn't like freebies? So you are welcome to send me product/vouchers for extra promotion and I'll share on behalf of.

I am a magazine editor that has worked on many publications. I’m always looking for artists, writers and photographers to help with our free Lustre conscious living magazine. I'm up for co-creating events and retreats so if you want to meet me and talk about creating magic together please do so by emailing info@lustrecollective.com.

I live in Auckland New Zealand and have just moved here from Nelson so I’m keen to meet as many people as possible. Please read below to understand more about what I do and my personal journey. See if you feel drawn to get to know me. You will find my upcoming meditations and teachings on the events page.

Love of the biggest variety

X Justine Jamieson

Founder of Lustre Collective


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I believe that everything should start from the heart space, I believe that the heart is where the whole universe/gods/collective consciousness reside. I believe that everything and everyone is connected - as within so without.

I believe we are all energy and therefore can adapt to or create any environment we choose. When we learn to overcome the limitations of our subconscious mind we open ourselves up to endless possibilities. I believe the subconscious is influenced from this lifetime’s experiences, the DNA we get from our parents and unresolved hurt from other lifetimes.

If we stay present enough to see and listen we will be guided to a path that is for our highest good, it’s where life just seems to flow, this is what I call the “turtle stream”. I believe even in our darkest moments we are not alone. If we surrender, stop fighting the process and pray for signs, we will be shown the next right moves back to that free flowing turtle stream.

I have been called many names, but never dull. I’m known to dance crazily at gigs and local festivals, or drum enthusiastically out of time at full-moon parties. I am a woman 'comfortable in my own skin'.  I have strong core values and a self-respect that doesn't rely on the opinion of others. I am a creative rebel and never follow the beaten track. I choose to be the one adventuring for new terrain that pushes the boundaries of what is achievable. Everything I do and everything I am has a purpose and that is to live with passion and encourage others to do the same.

My journey of self-discovery, however, hasn’t always been happy. I have delved into the depths of despair in order to find out more about myself and have enhanced/remembered my spiritual gifts through much training.

When searching for my purpose through life and spiritual coaching I struggled with the two sides of my personality: the competitive high-achieving businesswoman with a love for manicures, expensive facials, fine food and fancy cocktails and the barefoot waif on the beach, dancing around a bonfire and swimming naked in the moonlight. I noticed challenges with being more sensitive and conscious. I was feeling the affects of every action so I drastically and dramatically stripped away anything that didn't serve me. I began to live minimal, spending more time in nature, meditating and talking to spiritual mentors about other realms and the psychology of humans.

In hindsight I wouldn't suggest the rapid growth that I went through, my multiple spiritual transformations were hard for family and friends to watch, it was also hard on my body with numerous stressful burnouts.  I do things the mega impulsively ‘Scorpio-way’ though, that's just how I choose my life to play out. I have since chosen a tad more structure and balance in my life.

I have seen the darkness of a breakdown, addiction of many kinds, suicidal depression and abuse. I believe that through the other side of those dark spaces holds the magic of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness - these are my tools to live a spiritual life. Through hitting rock bottom I learnt to stop fighting the flow of the universe and by surrendering I received my biggest gift of detaching from my ego-self enough to allow my vulnerability to be exposed to the world. This was the most strength I have ever had and I am truly proud of myself for it as it gave me a special knowing of the magic in life and how much love surrounds us all of the time if we open our heart.

My work experience in the 3D world is all about communication. My background in business management, magazine editing, writing, marketing, advertising, project management and styling will be used as part of the identity coaching aspect of my business.

I have branded and marketed many successful conscious businesses. My biggest achievements are my own conscious business Lustre Collective and our magazine. I am also proud of starting a Admire magazine for Fairfax Media. I have also been a fashion editor and stylist, a marketing manager for 3 Fairfax newspapers, a retail manager and a merchandising manager. I do contract work for marketing firms and for myself. My favourite work is for creatives and healers to help them communicate their God-given gifts with the world.

See more about my personal services here justinejamieson.com