We specialise in conscious purpose coaching and support lightworking entrepreneurs with their meaningful business communications.


Lustre Collective is led by Clarity Coach and Divine Channel Justine Jamieson. She works in and out of this world to help clients gain clarity with their creative ideas and clear direction in all aspects of their life. In her coaching work Justine has been described as “a compass for hearts”. In the business world she's had many years of experience in marketing, media, advertising, business management, merchandising, styling, design and event management.

Justine creates spaces for people to learn more about themselves and how to efficiently communicate and thrive in the new business world. She works collaboratively with many experts in their field such as: creatives, healers, social marketers, website developers and digital marketing experts to support you live a meaningful life.

At Lustre Collective we believe your energy needs to be on purpose and what gives you joy, so come…let’s make productivity playful.

A message from Justine Jamieson - Clarity Coach.

There is nothing I like more than hearing an idea that someone is passionate about and helping them find a direction forward. I love collaboration and feel that if we put all our energy into what gives us joy, then there will be happier people walking the streets. That is how the world should roll, it’s a new world where productivity is playful.

My work experience in the 3D world is all about communication. My background in business, staff management, magazine editing, design, writing, digital and print marketing/advertising, project management and fashion styling gives me extensive knowledge in every aspect of getting the right message and authentic look and feel to a business brand.

I have been a fashion editor and stylist for many magazines, a wellbeing and lifestyle feature writer and marketing manager for Fairfax newspapers and Stuff digital. I’ve also been a retail manager and a retail merchandising manager.

My favourite work is working with creatives and healers to help them communicate their gifts. I am great at structuring manageable communication systems with staff and clients and I’m a visionary with endless ideas.


Lustre Events & Retreats

Justine’s passion is to help people find their purpose in life and to know their part in building a better world. Through meditation journeys, coaching sessions, retreats and workshops, she helps to heal negative beliefs that are clogging up people’s ability to find clarity and helps them create wonderful lives. After years of dedicated spiritual development, she understands the rewards of knowing one’s true authentic self. She understands that life flows when we know what important part we play in raising the collective consciousness.


Lustre Magazine

Is about celebrating the knowledge and creativity that conscious entrepreneurs have to inspire aware lifestyles. Justine wishes to encourage community collaboration and form connections with like minded individuals in the business world. This is a non profit magazine and everyone involved is giving time straight from their heart space. Want to get involved too?


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Our office is at The Workshop Auckland however we run retreats and events throughout NZ.

As Justine is working multiple projects and is in and out of appointments daily that she remains full present at, the best way to contact her is through the below form. She will be back in contact within 24hrs.

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