We specialise in high vibe branding and communications for light working entrepreneurs and meaningful businesses.

We focus our valuable time and expertise with businesses that make a positive impact on the Earth and her inhabitants. With a focus on new age, original and powerful branding and communications, we support compassionate holistic wellbeing services, creative designers, important social enterprises and natural sustainable products.

Lustre Collective is led by identity coach and visionary Justine Jamieson. She works in and out of this world to help clients gain clarity, creative ideas and clear direction. In her healing work Justine has been described as “a compass for hearts”. In the business world she's had many years of experience in marketing, media, advertising, business management, merchandising, styling, design and event management.

Justine believes the new world is all about collaboration, so her visualisations and ideas on brands are polished and added to by her skilled team of purpose driven collaborators. This carefully chosen collective is made up of designers, writers, editors, social marketers, website developers and digital experts with great intuition, communicational skills and empathy.

At Lustre Collective we believe your energy needs to be on purpose and what gives you joy. We recommend you delegate the rest to someone else who loves doing what they do (ie. us). That is what creates a new world where productivity is playful.


Lustre Events & Retreats

Justine’s sideline passion is to help people find their purpose in life and to know their part in building a better world. Through subconscious meditation journeys, retreats and workshops, she helps to heal negative beliefs that are clogging up people’s abilities to find clarity and creativity for a wonderful future. After years of dedicated spiritual development, she understands the rewards of knowing one’s true authentic self. She understands that life flows effortlessly when we know what important part we play in raising collective consciousness.


Lustre Magazine

Is about celebrating the knowledge and creativity that conscious entrepreneurs have to inspire aware lifestyles. Justine wishes to encourage community collaboration and form connections with like minded individuals in the business world. This is a non profit magazine and everyone involved is giving time straight from their heart space. Want to get involved too?


OuR Team

As Justine works on many different projects and has appointments most the day the best way to contact her is via email. She will contact you within 24 hrs. All contact to the team is through Justine.

CONTACT JUSTINE: admin@lustrecollective.com | 027 529 1529


Justine Jamieson - Intuitive, Marketing, Writer, Designer, Stylist, Coach.

There is nothing I like more than hearing an idea that someone is passionate about and adding to their creation. I love collaborating on projects and feel that if we put all our energy into what gives us joy, and delegate the rest to someone else who loves doing what they do, then there will be happier people walking the streets. That is how the world should roll, it’s a new world where productivity is playful.

My work experience in the 3D world is all about communication. My background in business, staff management, magazine editing, design, writing, digital and print marketing/advertising, project management and fashion styling gives me extensive knowledge in every aspect of getting the right message and authentic look and feel to a business brand.

I have been a fashion editor and stylist for many magazines, a wellbeing and lifestyle feature writer and marketing manager for Fairfax newspapers and Stuff digital. I’ve also been a retail manager and a retail merchandising manager.

My favourite work is working with creatives and healers to help them communicate their gifts. I am great at structuring manageable communication systems with staff and clients and I’m a visionary with endless ideas.

I am also a healer in many spiritual modalities so I work closely in and out of this world to gain higher intelligence for the good of all involved. I work very well with all other creatives and can make the process an easier one for you.


Hemma Vara - Digital Marketing, Social Media, Writer, Editor, Stylist.

I have a passion for all things social media and I believe in the power of great copy. I am happiest when working for purpose-led clients, and helping them turn their visions into reality. My writing portfolio can be found below. I cover everything from fashion, lifestyle and sustainability to business & law. I’m also the founder of ethical fashion store The Good Trend and co-director of legal tech company TMJAM. Working with Lustre certainly lights my fire! 

I find great joy in styling shoots, particularly for food and fashion brands.

I graduated with an LLB from the University of Canterbury and in my former life I was a Branding & Trade Marks lawyer.


Belinda Nash - Writer

I am unlike anyone you have ever met. My mission is to write only to spread goodness through copy that is purpose-led and outcome-focussed. If you're on the same mission, personally or professionally, I am the person you have been waiting for. Let me take writing off your hands and get your messages out there!

I have more than 25 years working in the media and 22 years professional writing experience covering an extensive range of topics. These include health, beauty, fashion, decor, style, wine, travel, restaurant reviews, public safety, economic regeneration, business, economics, finance, education, academic research, social media, tikanga Māori, mind body spirit, hospitality and more. In the early 2000s, I even wrote speech notes for British PM Tony Blair. Most recently, I managed and wrote for nzgirl.co.nz, where I was awarded both Blogger of the Year Award 2015 and People’s Choice Award 2015 at the SMCAKL annual awards (beating Xero). Today I am the Style & Beauty Editor for Express magazine.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Music degree, diplomas in Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Indian Head & Shoulders Massage, Reiki I, II, II, postgraduate Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), and a Master of Philosophy degree majoring in creative writing and autoethnography using spatial design theory.

Most importantly, I LOVE writing! 


Yulan Black - Designer

I’m originally from small and sunny Nelson and I now live in Wellington where I have recently completed my Degree in Visual Communication Design at Massey University with honours. I enjoy all aspects of creativity and I love how design has the power to engage and connect people when seeing the end product. My father is a holistic healer and my mother an artist so I love working with the industries that Lustre helps communicate.


Yelena Bebich - Hair & Makeup Stylist

I am a makeup artist with over 13 years industry experience. I have worked on many editorial shoots, TV personalities and Fashion shows. I love exploring alternatives to chemical based cosmetics. I am also a Yoga & Meditation teacher.


Jessie Casson - Photography, Film maker

I am a leading editorial and commercial portrait photographer based in Auckland, NZ. I have photographed some of New Zealand’s most well-known and well-respected individuals. In carrying out these and other assignments, I’ve stayed true to my single focus of portrait photography.  This has resulted in me shooting for clients in New Zealand, Australia and the UK with her work appearing in publications across the globe.

I’ve been recognised for my honest yet dynamic style of portrait, giving reflective insights into the lives and personalities of my subjects, from a perspective that has you captivated.

My book, Champions: New Zealand Winners, was published by Random House with the associated Exhibition touring nine major galleries across New Zealand.

The accompanying documentary, which was aired on TV3, can be viewed here.

I was born and raised in Northumberland, UK. Having graduated with a BA HONS in photography at Derby University, I established my career in London and immigrated to New Zealand in 2004. I now live in Auckland with my husband and three children.

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Ishna Jacobs - Photographer

I am a photographer from New Zealand, a little country in the antipodes/ southern hemisphere. The seed of interest in the arts was planted at an early age with poetry, then in my womanhood I developed my passion for music and the language of visual art.

Lunchtimes were never spent talking of boys. They were instead spent in the Art Room gashing knuckles with lino cutters, unwittingly colouring my uniform and readings of the masters, lost in paint and history.

My formative years of photography began in the darkroom photographing, reproducing and enhancing images by hand, a fine paint brush was my master weapon. Cutting my teeth in the times of 120, 220 and 35mm, I learnt from the “old boys” and they taught me well. These Kauri trees, although fallen, still walk with, influence and inform my work today.

I believe there is beauty and fascination everywhere and I work with conditions rather than creating them. There is a challenge in working in the adverse and bringing those skills that the “old boys” so generously passed on. In this way they walk with me, they are my guides in passing on magic.