On purpose for a lighter world.

We specialise in conscious purpose coaching and high vibe branding/communications for lightworking entrepreneurs.

We focus our valuable time and expertise with businesses that make a positive impact on the Earth and her inhabitants. Creating new age, original and powerful branding and communications for holistic wellbeing services, creative designers, social enterprises and natural sustainable products.

Our experienced team of Marketers, Writers and Artists work collaboratively alongside Identity Coach and Intuitive Justine Jamieson providing a service that cares - just like you do.

Our Services

Standout, Be Different, Be You.

Brand & Marketing Packages

For conscious business owners and lightworking entrepreneurs. We are making life easier for you with our upfront communication, branding and start-up support packages.


Creativity Events

Join one of Lustre’s creative journeys and learn more about yourself through your subconscious mind or evolve your business skills a one of our creative marketing for conscious business workshops.


Identity Retreats

Justine’s sideline passion is to help people find their purpose in life and to know their part in building a better world. Her retreats delve deep to heal, motivate and encourage creativity.



Personal Coaching

“If you are not living inside the heart, then can you really call yourself successful?”

Intuitive and divine channeler Justine Jamieson seeks to find your truth. Creating clarity beyond the trickery of the mind. Join her for a clarity session and delve into what is holding you back from being in alignment of your true self. If you wish to learn the tools to detach from fears and increase your own intuitive gifts sign up to her 6 week ascension coaching package. FIND OUT MORE

Join one of Justine’s online development groups.



Welcome to the first edition of Lustre Magazine. We’re excited to bring together wise, creative and soulful writers, healers and artists. The magazine celebrates the knowledge and creativity that conscious entrepreneurs have to inspire your lifestyle.

This space is a collaborative production where our creative inspirations can be shared and enjoyed. We hope you are inspired, uplifted and perhaps reflective. 

Justine wishes to encourage community collaboration and form connections with like minded individuals in the business world. This is a non-profit magazine and everyone involved is giving time from their heart space.

If you wish to get involved with the next Lustre Magazine, contact admin@lustrecollective.com.