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 Welcome to the first edition of Lustre Magazine. We’re excited to bring together wise, creative and soulful writers, healers and artists. 

This space is a collaborative production where our creative inspirations can be shared and enjoyed. We hope you are inspired, uplifted or maybe even reflective. 

We’re all for viewing the world with a conscious heart so we feel
connected to the planet and her inhabitants. 

Enjoy the healing opportunites and high vibe energy within this

Our vision is for creatives to collaborate in a beautiful environment. When we share our inspired thoughts we touch other souls.     


There are many people doing cool things in this world, I want these people to be seen by as many people as possible. As a self-confessed passion junkie that loves new experiences I’ve tried many products and services on my spiritual journey and I'd like to share my experiences and recommendations with you. You will find only the brands and businesses I've tried, love and trust in the directories below and in my writing. I only promote high vibe products and services so that includes only businesses and peeps that care about their impact on the earth, it's humans and all animals.

This marketing is all free so feel free to contact me to try your product and/or service. Whaaat?! Yeah no $$ exchange as my recommendations are all credible and wholesome-like. Oh yeah ...but our followers will want free stuff sometimes too, who doesn't like freebies? So extra product welcomed for extra promotion.

Love of the biggest variety

X Justine Jamieson


Check out my tried and trusted recommendations below: trustworthy spiritual teachers/healers, high vibe cafes/restaurants, body wellness practitioners and instructors, cool natural products, inspiring creators, cool natural products and sustainable style, New Zealand wide.